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Vegas Vacation

Lupe and Kara go to Vegas every year. They plan their next trip coming up.
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Kara: So we have our annual trip to Vegas coming up, Labor Day weekend in September. It's about time to start planning. How many people do you think are gonna come this year?

Lupe: Well, I'm hoping some of the same girls from last year will want to go, so if they decide they wanna go with us, I'm thinking maybe about six girls will be on the trip this year.

Kara: Now, do you wanna get one room, two rooms?

Lupe: I think we should definitely stick with the one room so we can be together. That way we're always being able to talk about what we want to do and I think a lot of the girls prefer to stay all in one room.

Kara: It's a lot funner atmosphere when we're all together and just having a great time and hanging out.

Lupe: It is, and it's a lot more convenient to as far as money and just not having to worry knowing where everybody is. We can always, if we split up, we're always gonna come back to the same room. We'll know everybody's OK.

Kara: Last year we got a suite. Should we do a suite again or just get a regular room? Or does that depend on the prices?

Lupe: Maybe we should look into the prices and see what works out best because we also want to be saving our money for all the things we're gonna be doing over there. So what do you think are maybe some of our activities this year?

Kara: Well, I actually was wondering about flights. Are we gonna fly out like we did last year in the morning or do you want to do it in the evening?

Lupe: I think we should fly out in the morning just so it gives us more time to do other things when were there.

Kara: And last year some people got rides. I took my own car, and I thought that was lot easier to drive my car to the airport and park it there instead of having to depend on people. Cause some of the girls on the way home didn't have a ride so what do you think we should do this year about that?

Lupe: I'm really not sure, but I think we should leave it up to everybody and see how everybody wants to get there that way one person is not responsible for everybody else.

Kara: Yeah, that's true.

Lupe: So do you want to do any shows this year? I know we haven't done any shows in the past.

Kara: I'd be interested in looking into a show. I think it would depend on type of show it was. And sometimes the shows are really expensive also so.

Lupe: And I think that depends too on how much shopping we do because during the day, that's basically our main focus, is the shopping.

Kara: Yeah, we seem to have a problem with that.

Lupe: Although, this year we could spend more time at the pool - lounging, relaxing - that's free and maybe shop for a little bit less time than usual.

Kara: Yeah, last year we only made it to the pool one time.

Lupe: Yeah, and I'd really like to do that a lot more this year. So we definitely need to do that. We have to save a little more money. I think we will be able to do at least one show at night and then the rest of the night we can definitely go out dancing because I know we all love to do that.

Kara: Yes, we do.

Lupe: Maybe a little bit of dancing, a little bit of drinking and the show can start off the night, so maybe we should do that the first night we're there.

Kara: The first night.

Lupe: I've heard of some really good shows and we really have a lot to choose from and some are really affordable, so we should definitely look into it just because we haven't done it before and after going for three years, I think it's time to change a little bit and do something different.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

stick with one room


I think we should definitely stick with one room so we can be together.

When you 'stick with one room,' it means that you only rent one room, even though two rooms may be more comfortable.

Notice the following:

  1. If we stick with one room, it means that we won't have to pay as much money for the accommodation.
  2. Please make sure that you stick with one room, as I do not want you making too much of a mess.

split up


We can always, if we split up, we're going to come back to the same room.

To 'split up' means that something separates.

Notice the following:

  1. I think they used to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but now they have split up.
  2. We need to split the jobs up so that we get them done quicker.

what works out best


Maybe we should look into prices and see what works out best.

'What works out best' means which option works better than others.

Notice the following:

  1. It will take time for us to figure out what works best at the shop.
  2. What works out best do you think? The red or the blue?

leave it up to everybody


I think we should leave it up to everybody and see how everybody wants to get there.

When you 'leave it up to everybody,' it means that you let the other people make a group decision about something.

Notice the following:

  1. Let's leave it up to everybody to see what they want to eat for dinner.
  2. They decided to leave it up to everybody else.

that's basically our main focus


I think that depends too on how much shopping we do because during the day, that's basically our main focus.

When something is 'your main focus,' it means that it is what you are concentrating on.

Notice the following:

  1. Our main focus is to keep everyone healthy and happy.
  2. What is your main focus when you are at work?


Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
stick with • split • works out
leaves • focus
  1. We should all up and look for the dog.
  2. Helping people who need help is basically our main .
  3. Now we have a couple options. Let's see what best.
  4. Let's just one sandwich per person for now, and then we can make more later if we want.
  5. He basically the decoration of the house up to his wife.