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Vocabulary Quiz
honest • would feel • fault
couldn't move • like a kid
  1. I was so cold that I .
  2. It's Tommy's .  He broke the lamp.
  3. I always want you to be completely. with me.
  4. That's how anybody after a divorce.
  5. Going to the fair makes me feel again.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

865 Accidental Feelings
Shibika shares her feelings about how she felt after her accident.

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  • Audio Notes

to be completely honest


To be completely honest, I was upset.

We use the phrase 'to be completely honest' when we share some information that we don't want others people to know.  Notice the following:

  1. To be completely honest, I don't like your friend very much.
  2. To be completely honest, I was really scared.

what anybody would feel


That is what anybody would feel.

We use the phrase 'what anybody would feel' to talk about how most people would feel in a similar situation.  Notice the following:

  1. It's difficult to guess what anybody would feel.
  2. That's what anybody would feel after a World Cup loss.

It's nobody's fault


It's nobody's fault, it happens to teach you something.

We say 'it's nobody's fault' when bad things happen naturally or for no good reason.  Notice the following:

  1. It's nobody's fault. It just happened.
  2. It's nobody's fault. The roads were icy.

I couldn't even move


I couldn't even move because of the plaster.

We add the word 'even' to another word or phrase to make the meaning stronger.  Notice the following:

  1. I was so scared that I couldn't even move.
  2. The traffic was so bad that we couldn't even move.

I felt like a kid again


I felt like a kid again and she had to do everything.

Sometimes when we are older, situations cause us to remember our childhood and make us feel like a kid again.  Notice the following:

  1. Watching cartoons makes me feel like a kid again.
  2. While visiting my old high school, I felt like a kid again.