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Vocabulary Quiz
hit it off • formula • lines
 wingman • mindset
  1. What's your special for meeting girls?
  2. You will not enjoy yourself if you don't have a positive .
  3. He always goes out with a .
  4. We from the first time we met.
  5. She hates it when guys use on her.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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910 The Secret of Success
Jonathan asks Jeff about why he is more successful at meeting women in bars.

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  • Audio Notes
Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.

hit it off

I really hit it off with some of the guests.

When we hit it off with someone that means we quickly become friends.  Note the following:

  1. My date and I really hit if off, so we planned a second date.
  2. I did not hit it off with my boss on the first day of work.

special formula

There's no special formula to success.

Here, a 'special formula' means a special strategy or technique to achieve something.  Note the following:

  1. The special formula to getting all A's is study, study, study.
  2. There is no special formula to getting rich.


Do you have some lines that you use?

Here, 'lines' are cool phrases or questions we use to start a conversation and make people interested in us.  Note the following:

  1. I like to quote lines from movies.
  2. He used a cheesy pick-up line to meet his girlfriend.

a good wingman

You need a good wingman.

A wingman supports his friend in social situations. Note the following:

  1. I am too shy to go out to bars without my wingman.
  2. My friend is a good wingman. He helps me meet people.

the right mindset

you go out with the right mindset.

The phrase 'mind set' simply means attitude.  Note the following:

  1. You need the right mindset to live in the wild for two weeks.
  2. He did not have the right mindset to be a policeman.