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Vocabulary Quiz
similar • and stuff • settle into
caretaking • whoever • end up •
time consuming
  1. Come to the party and bring you want!
  2. What did you doing last night?
  3. Making bread at home is a really project.
  4. Is Thai food to Vietnamese food?
  5. I have really busy working and exercising .
  6. It always takes him a while to life in a new city.
  7. She has a very personality.  That's why she is the perfect nurse.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

957 Family Chef
Buddhi and Todd discuss who cooks for their family.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.


It's similar to what you said.

'Similar' means almost the same. Notice the samples.

  1. Cricket and baseball may look similar, but they are actually very different.
  2. My best friend and like similar fashions. We swap clothes all the time.

and stuff


I hate to cook and clean and stuff.

Here, 'and stuff' means 'other things'. Notice the following.

  1. She has to stay home on Saturday and do yard work, clean her room; stuff like that.
  2. I'm going to help my mom buy food, cook dinner, do the dishes and stuff.

settle into


Over time, people settle into their old habits.

When we settle into something, we become comfortable with it. Notice the samples.

  1. After a week, he began to settle into his new schedule.
  2. I'm going to stay home this weekend and settle into my new apartment.

care taking role


Traditionally, women assumed a care taking role.

Here, 'care taking' means to take care of children and house work. Here are two samples.

  1. My wife works so I'm the family care taker.
  2. Though equality of men and women is important in American culture, women still most often assume the care taking role.

whoever is around


He helped whoever was around.

'Whoever is around' talks about people around you. Notice the sample sentences.

  1. Ask whoever is around. They'll show you where it is.
  2. I always use my headphones so I don't bother whoever is around.

end up


My brother ended up learning all the cooking.

'Ended up' talks about what we finally do at the end of a situation. Notice the following.

  1. I was so tired, I ended up not going at all.
  2. We ended up sleeping on the beach. It was cheaper and much more fun!

time consuming


Cooking Sri Lankan food is really time consuming.

Something that is time consuming takes a long time to finish. Here are two samples.

  1. Learning English is really time consuming.
  2. The hike up the mountain was time consuming, but worth it.