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Vocabulary Quiz
for ages • capacity • no rules
 overcome • with the flow
  1. In Mexico there are , there are only suggestions.
  2. Don't try to do things like you do them back home. Just try to go .
  3. Wow!  I haven't see you !
  4. How did you the frustration of driving in traffic like this every day?
  5. What is the of this boat? 
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

969 Traffic Woes
Tu and Amir discuss traffic woes in their countries.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.

for ages


Sometimes we wait in cars for ages.

'For ages' means for a really long time. How long, depends on the topic. Notice the following.

  1. Dinosaurs have been extinct for ages.
  2. I've been waiting ages for the next Johnny Depp movie.

the capacity of the streets


The problem is the capacity of the streets and the amount or cars.

'The capacity of the streets' is the amount of traffic the roads can support. Here are two samples.

  1. When the number of cars is greater than the capacity of the streets, we have a traffic jam.
  2. In Los Angeles, the capacity of the streets is huge, but there are just too many cars.

no rules at all


There seems to be no rules at all.

Here, 'no rules at all' talks about traffic laws. Notice the following.

  1. Driving through Delhi, there seemed to be no traffic rules at all.
  2. For tourists, there appear to be no rules at all when crossing the street in Vietnam.

overcome the craziness


How do you overcome the craziness?

When Amir asks "How do you overcome the craziness?" he means how can things function if nobody obeys the law. Here are some samples.

  1. We had over 100 people partying at my parent's house. I don't know how we overcame the craziness.
  2. How do we overcome the craziness? We don't actually. What looks crazy to you is normal for me.

go with the flow


I try to go with the flow.

When we go with the flow', we do things the same way as others because it's easier. Notice the sample sentences.

  1. The way to overcome the craziness is to go with the flow.
  2. When traveling in a foreign country, it's best to just go with the flow.