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Vocabulary Quiz
hospitality • till • introduced
sounds • snorkeling
  1. I prefer to scuba diving because it is cheaper.
  2. That like a good idea.
  3. People in the country side usually have better than city folk.
  4. That fashion style was from France.
  5. I will be here Saturday.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

1019 Hawaii

Ron talks about what makes Hawaii so special and give info about the wildlife.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.

warm hospitality

imageHawaii is also known for its warm hospitality.

Hospitality is being friendly to visitors by doing things like entertaining them and giving them food. In this case, “warm” does not refer to temperature, but to friendly people and atmosphere. If someone is very caring and nice, they are called “warm”. Look at the examples below:

  1. They showed us such great hospitality. They gave us a tour of the entire city.
  2. The hospitality at that hotel was terrible -- they were rude and unhelpful.


imageWallabies were introduced from Australia and now they are wild in Hawaii.

To bring a plant or animal to a new place and give it a chance to reproduce and establish itself in the new environment. Notice the two examples below:

  1. Cane toads were introduced to Australia from Hawaii and now they are everywhere.
  2. The plants that were introduced did not survive the cold winter.


imageMany people like to go snorkeling to look at our reefs.

Snorkeling is swimming with a mask and breathing through a short, curved tube. Snorkelers also usually use flippers on their feet to help them swim easier. See the following examples:

  1. We spent 3 days snorkeling when we were on vacation in Hawaii.
  2. I like snorkeling better than scuba diving because I don’t like diving so deep.


imageWe have whales from March till February.

Till is simply a short way to say “until”. In written form usually the full word "until" is used and “till” is mostly used in spoken language. It is sometimes also spelled ‘til. See the examples below

  1. I didn’t learn to swim ‘til I was an adult.
  2. I won’t be finished till eight o’clock.

sounds like

imageSounds like a great place to visit.
“Sounds like...” means “from what you are saying...” In other words, “it seems like...”. Study the examples below:

  1. After reading the review in the newspaper, it sounds like that movie is really good.
  2. It sounds like you need to take a break.