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Vocabulary Quiz
room to roam • better off • harsh
kicked out of • carry
  1. He sent her a letter.
  2. The students were class for talking.
  3. A good speaker's voice should so everyone can hear them.
  4. Animals do not have at most zoos.
  5. You would be to take the bus instead of the train. It's faster.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

1042 Nabeel's Place

Nabeel talks about his apartment and his neighbors.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.

room to roam


Do they have room to roam around?

In this context, "room" means space and "roam" means to wander or walk casually and aimlessly.

  1. When I go to a new city, I like to roam around for the first few days just to get the feel of the place.
  2. The Louvre is a huge museum, there's room to roam around for days.

better off


They're better off in the house.

"Better off" means a superior situation or condition to the present.

  1. It's going to rain tonight, the visitors will be better off in the house than outside in the tent.
  2. Your health will be better off if you choose the fruit salad rather than the chocolate cake.

harsh e-mail


They sent them this harsh e-mail.

"Harsh" means hard or critical and "e-mail" is short for electronic mail, meaning it is a message sent via a

  1. The response to Janet's job application was a harsh email saying only "do not apply again".
  2. Yesterday I got a virus in my computer from a message sent by a friend, so I sent a harsh email telling them to be more careful.

kicked out


They have been kicked out.

To be "kicked out" of somewhere means to be expelled or thrown out of a place.

  1. Jack was so drunk on Saturday night he was kicked out of the pub for bad behavior.
  2. When I was five I was kicked out of ballet class because I was too dreamy and kept bumping into the other girls.

voices carry


Maybe the voices carry a lot.

When "voices carry" it means they can be heard from a distance, the sound is carried further than expected.

  1. The couple's voices carried across the lake and everyone heard Tom ask Melanie to marry him.
  2. The concert hall has very good acoustics and the singer's voice carried clearly to the back of the room.