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Vocabulary Quiz
at one point • ring any bells • make sense
in the end • transmitted by
  1. The disease cannot be human contact.
  2. Does the name John ?
  3. Well, we almost left, but we decided to stay.
  4. They did not buy the house because it was too expensive.
  5. It does not to spend more than you earn.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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1054 Pest Protection

Shirley talks about how custom officials also work to help protect species from being smuggled to other countries.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.

at one point

At one point they brought up the subject of these toads that live in Australia.

To say that something occurs "at one point" means there was a specific time or event that marked when something happened. Note the examples below:

  1. At one point I was thinking of becoming a psychologist but I didn't want to study statistics.
  2. Last year, I ran a marathon and at one point I didn't think I could go any further, but then someone gave me a thump on the back and said "keep going", so I did.

ring any bells

Does that ring any bells with you?

"Ring any bells" means to be reminded of something. Note the following examples:

  1. I know you said we met in high school, but the name doesn't ring any bells.
  2. I lost my camera but when Jack mentioned Sarah's birthday it rang a few bells, and I remembered that was the last place I had it.

turn of the century

Someone brought them in at the turn of the century.

The "turn of the century" or the "turn of the season" refers to the time when the century or season changes from one to the next. Here are a couple of examples.

  1. Many cities around the world celebrated the turn of the 21st century with fireworks and parties.
  2. I love it when summer turns to autumn and the trees change their leaves to red and gold.

that makes sense

That makes sense.

"That makes sense" is a common expression often used to agreement about an idea or reason. Here are two examples.

  1. It makes sense that Jane likes golfing, because both her parents were golfers.
  2. It makes sense that we take just one car, there are only three of us and it would be a waste of petrol to drive separately.

transmitted by

It's transmitted by a small flea.

To "transmit" something is to send it or carry it from one place to another. Note the following examples.

  1. They transmitted the signal from HongKong to Germany using a satellite dish in Australia.
  2. The common cold is transmitted by a virus.

in the end

That was what controlled them in the end.

"In the end" means the final event or action. It is the last thing to happen. See the following examples.

  1. We were hoping to holiday in Spain, but in the end decided on the French Riviera.
  2. "In the end, it depends on how much money you want to spend" Michelle said when trying to decide whether or not to buy a new iphone or ipad.