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Vocabulary Quiz
motivated • passed • standards
extremely • cram
  1. The roads are very icy today, so make sure to drive carefully.
  2. She her driving test the first time she took it.
  3. She is getting married in the fall, so she is very to lose a little weight.
  4. This is not the type of test that you can just a lot of information into your brain and do well.
  5. She is a very serious student and has high for herself.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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1159 Testing Students

Peter and Jana discuss if tests are an effective way to evaluate students.

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I like homework because it motivates me to study.

When you 'motivate' someone to do something, you give them a reason or incentive to do it. Notice the following:

  1. The desire to move out of his parents' house will motivate him to save money.
  2. My teacher tries to motivate us to speak by giving us real life situations.

pass or fail


Students can say that they've passed or failed the course.

Passing something means you successfully completed it.  In many places, a passing grade is above 60%. When you fail at something, the score you get does not show that you understand the material.  This is usually a score below 60%. Notice the following:

  1. Once you pass this level on the game, you get to go to a bonus level.
  2. He has never failed an exam before.



The tests set a standard.

In this case, 'standard' refers to a set of guidelines or a basis for comparison. Notice the following:

  1. The standards at this company are low, but the work they do is cheap.
  2. We have very high standards, but we do want all of our students to achieve success.



I found that extremely stressful.

If something is 'extremely' stressful, it is very very stressful. Notice the following:

  1. You will easily see him because he is extremely tall.
  2. This is extremely warm weather for this time of year.



A lot of students just cram a lot of information into their heads.

Generally, 'cram' means to force a lot of something into a small space. Notice the following:

  1. Everything will fit in that closet, but you might have to cram it in a little bit.
  2. All his office supplies are just crammed in his desk.  There is no order to anything.