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Dancing in Chile

Daniel talks with Olga about "Cueca" a traditional style of dancing in Chile.
Daniel: And while we drink this, we dance cueca.

Olga: What is cueca?

Daniel: Cueca is our national dance.

Olga: How do you, how can you explain it?

Daniel: It's about, OK, it's the Chilean cowboy dancing in order to flirt with the girl.

Olga: Do you wear any kind of special dress?

Daniel: Yes. The girl is wearing a long dress.

Olga: Yes.

Daniel: And the guy is wearing sombrero.

Olga: Yeah.

Daniel: It's not like, it's not as big as Mexican sombrero but it's smaller and a small poncho.

Olga: Oh yeah, I think I've seen it before. Yeah, like the small poncho is like almost like every time it's brown and with like kind of like colorful lines?

Daniel: Yes.

Olga: Oh yeah, I've seen it before, yeah.

Daniel: And we also wear boots and spurs which makes it really, really difficult to dance.

Olga: Have you danced it before?

Daniel: I have but I don't think I succeeded.

Olga: Oh, I see. And what do you mean it's kind of romantic dance?

Daniel: It is a romantic dance.

Olga: How?

Daniel: Because you have to flirt with the girl.

Olga: Oh, I see.

Daniel: That's the point of the dance.

Olga: And is it, does it mean anything? Does it have any meaning?

Daniel: It's related to how, because we use a handkerchief so it's how, it symbolizes a rope so you can, you have to catch the girl with your rope.

Olga: Oh, I see, that's pretty cute.

Daniel: Yeah, it is.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson



It's Chilean cowboy dancing in order to flirt with a girl.

When you 'flirt' with someone, you act in a way that tells that person that you are romantically interested in her. Notice the following:

  1. She makes good money as a waitress, because she is always flirting with her customers.
  2. He gets really angry when his girlfriend flirts with other guys.



The guy is wearing a sombrero.

A 'sombrero' is like a cowboy hat, which is usually made out of leather or straw. Notice the following:

  1. He wears a sombrero almost every day.
  2. Do you want to bring a sombrero when we go to the beach?



We also wear boots and spurs, which makes it really difficult to dance.

'Spurs' are sharp, metal attachments that you put on the heel, or back part, of your boot. Cowboys use these to kick horses and make them go faster when they are riding. Notice the following:

  1. You should take the spurs off your boots when you aren't riding.
  2. Some people think that wearing spurs is mean for the horses.



The small poncho is almost always brown with colorful lines.

A 'poncho' is a jacket-type of clothing that is worn on the top part of your body. Notice the following:

  1. These aren't the most beautiful ponchos, but they are really warm.
  2. I bought this poncho when I was in Bolivia.



We use a handkerchief, which symbolizes a rope.

Handkerchiefs are are color squares of fabric that you keep in your pocket to wipe your face and hands, or blow your nose. Notice the following:

  1. Most formal suits for men include a colorful handkerchief.
  2. My grandfather still uses a handkerchief.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
flirt •  sombrero • poncho
spurs • handkerchief
  1. He wears a in his pocket.
  2. His are very sharp.
  3. He wears a over his shirt when it rains.
  4. A is a large hat.
  5. He likes to with the girls.