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Vocabulary Quiz
rite of passage • dodgy • daunting
pair up • peace of mind
  1. The presence of policemen gave them .
  2. Learning to drive was a for me .
  3. I hope we can and work together.
  4. Speaking in public can be .
  5. This store looks . Let's not go in .
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

1305 Vision Quest

Mark talks about going to live in the wildernes as part of a vision quest, which is a Native American rite of pasage.

  • Script
  • Vocabulary
  • Speaking

Learn vocabulary from the lesson below.

rite of passage


The vision quest is a rite of passage.

A rite of passage is a time marking an important time in a person's life. Notice the following:

  1. Graduation day is a rite of passage for high school seniors.
  2. Bootcamp is a rite of passage for people in the army.



We had a dodgy map

Dodgy means unreliable, or not trustworthy. Notice the following:

  1. He is a bit dodgy. I would not trust him.
  2. My car looks dodgy, but it runs perfectly.

peace of mind


That allowed for security and peace of mind.

When you have peace of mind, you do not have worry or stress. Notice the following:

  1. Money can give people peace of mind, but also stress.
  2. They had peace of mind knowing he got home safe.

pair up


We were kind of paired up.

Pair up means to get in pairs, or twos. Notice the following:

  1. Let's pair up and save money.
  2. They paired up to create a company.



It sounds very daunting really.

Daunting means scary and difficult. Notice the following:

  1. It was daunting climbing the mountain.
  2. College can be daunting for some students.

Answer these questions related lesson.