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Vocabulary Quiz
concentration • chewing gum • my list
emulate • in public
  1. I like television shows where I actually learn something, not just for the mind.
  2. Many young children try to the adults in their lives.
  3. I don't like to see people kissing .
  4. This book is really boring, but it takes a lot of to understand.
  5. Action movies are definitely at the bottom of for entertainment.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
Mixer Topic

Mixer #38 Fashion Magazine

Listen to six people share their thoughts about fashion magazines.

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They don't really require a lot of concentration.

To focus and think carefully about what we are doing is called 'concentration.' Notice the following:

  1. Doing math requires a lot of concentration.
  2. When I relax, I like to do things that don't require much concentration, like watching TV.

chewing gum for the mind


Fashion magazines are sort of chewing gum for the mind.

The phrase 'chewing gum for the mind' is an idiom we use to talk about things that are fun to look at but have no serious meaning. Notice the following:

  1. TV is truly chewing gum for the mind.
  2. Comic books may be be chewing gum for the mind, but if they make kids read, that's good.

the bottom of my list


Fashion mags is maybe at the bottom of my list of magazines.

When something is 'at the bottom of our list,' it is our least favorite of many similar things. Notice the following:

  1. Watching TV is at the bottom of my list of free time activities.
  2. I hate taking a bus! It's at the bottom of my list of transportation options.



They show an image of women that the average woman can't emulate.

When we 'emulate' or something, that means we try to copy it. Notice the following:

  1. Many social networking sites are trying to emulate Facebook.
  2. Students often emulate the fashions of their favorite stars.

body image


I try not to worry about my body image.

'Body image' is a phrase we use to talk about how we think our bodies look. Notice the following:

  1. I'm a little fat, so sometimes I worry too much about my body image.
  2. People shouldn't worry so much about their body image.

in public


You never see those clothes out in public.

Here, 'in public' talks about what we generally see around us everyday. Notice the following:

  1. American President Obama smokes, but never in public.
  2. In many cultures, it's not polite for couples to hold hands in public.