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Vocabulary Quiz
updated • check up on • sifting
pointless • kind of jazz
  1. I just need to a few things and then I can give you my answer later today.
  2. She enjoys learning about bodies and diseases and all of that .
  3. It seems a little to exercise as much as you do if you are just going to smoke and eat junk food all the time.
  4. Please keep me on the plans for the weekend.
  5. We have been through these documents for hours and still haven't found anything.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
Mixer Topic

Mixer #42 Newspapers

Listen to six people talk about what they check first in the newspaper.

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  • Vocabulary

keeps you updated


It keeps you updated on local news.

When we are 'updated,' that means we have the latest information about something. Notice the following:

  1. My Blackberry keeps me updated on breaking news.
  2. Workshops keep Todd updated on the latest English teaching techniques.

check up on


I will read the cover and check up on what's the most important thing.

To 'check up on' is similar in meaning to the phrase 'keep updated' above. Notice the following:

  1. Let's check up on the progress of the project.
  2. I always read the front page of the paper to check up on what's happening in the world.

sifting through


I start sifting through the pages.

We 'sift through things' when we are looking for something specific, usually in a pile of similar things. Notice the following:

  1. He sifted through the files until he found the correct invoice.
  2. The ladies spent hours sifting through the sale bins.



I leave the sport until last because the sport is a little bit pointless.

Something that is 'pointless' is not necessary or a waste of our time. Notice the following:

  1. For me, reading gossip magazines is just pointless.
  2. Arguing about religion or politics is often pointless.

all that kind of jazz


I get into the heavy stuff like world news and all that kind of jazz.

We use the phrase 'all that kind of jazz' to talk about things similar to the main topic. Notice the following:

  1. I enjoy dramas about life, relationships; all that kind of jazz.
  2. My brother's a high tech geek. He loves computers, electronics; all that kind of jazz.