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Vocabulary Quiz
mind off • escape • stuff
hard one • of control
  1. What kind of do you do on the weekend?
  2. Exercise helps me take my problems in my life.
  3. All of the fans were out at the game.
  4. Sometimes it is good to from your normal life and try something new.
  5. What is my favorite country? Oh, that's a .
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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Mixer #65 Action or Relaxation

Hear what six people would prefer to do on vacation.

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take my mind off


TV helps me take my mind off of my work.

To "take [your] mind off" something means to have a relaxing activity to help you stop thinking about negative things. Here are some examples:

  1. Listening to jazz helps take my mind off of work.
  2. William is stressed out. He can't take his mind off of the exam on Friday.

escape from


You need to escape from your everyday life.

Here "escape from" means to get away from your everyday problems. It is similar to "take my mind off". Notice the following:

  1. Reading novels helps me escape from my everyday life.
  2. In August I'm going to escape from the city and take a long vacation in Nice.



I love to do new stuff.

Again, "stuff" can mean almost anything in English. In this mixer it means to do new things. Here are two sample sentences:

  1. I have to work late tonight. My boss gave me a lot of new stuff to do.
  2. I can do lots of new stuff with my Blackberry that I couldn't on my old phone.

a hard one


That's a hard one.

When something is hard, it is not easy. See the samples below:

  1. What's the best way to learn English? That's a hard one.
  2. My best fried speaks five languages. She said Chinese was the hardest one to learn.

out of control


It's easy for things to get out of control.

Things get "out of control" when they don't happen the way we want and we can't stop them. Notice the samples:

  1. So many people came to the party, it soon got out of control.
  2. The road was wet and icy when the car went out of control.