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Vocabulary Quiz
imported • secondhand • select
smoothies • scuba
  1. I had three old brothers, so most of the clothes I used growing up were .
  2. I want you to which things you think I would like.
  3. Avocado are really popular in Vietnam.
  4. In Minnesota most of the fruit is during the winter.
  5. I would like to try diving, but I think I might be scared of the fish.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
Superbowl Party

Mixer #81 Business Idea

Various people discuss a business they would like to own.

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Maybe I would like importing, exporting stuff like in between Japan and the U.S.

'Imports' are products that are brought into your country from a different country. 'Exports' are products that are taken from your country and sold in a different country. Here are two more examples:

  1. I don’t like domestic beer, I prefer beer that is imported.
  2. One of Thailand ’s major exports is Jasmine rice.



I go into secondhand book stores.

If you buy something that has already been used, then it is 'secondhand.' Here are some additional examples:

  1. It is illegal to smoke in most restaurants because secondhand smoke bothers the non-smokers.
  2. I usually buy shirts secondhand because the quality is still good and they are much cheaper.



I think I'd be pretty good at selecting the ones that would sell and the ones that would not.

'Selecting' is another word for choosing or picking something out. See the following examples:

  1. On the test, make sure you select an answer for every question.
  2. She was selected to participate in a beauty contest.



I would love to own a smoothie business, because actually I really love smoothies.

A 'smoothie' is a drink made in a blender with a variety of ingredients, usually with fruit and milk or yogurt. See additional examples below:

  1. I always drink a smoothie right after I work out.
  2. Instead of lunch, I drink a smoothie and I have lost 10 pounds in a month.

scuba diving


I would like to own a scuba diving type business which would be hopefully located one a tropical island.

'Scuba diving' is an activity where a person straps on oxygen tank on their back and breathes through a tube so they can swim underwater and don't float to the surface. Here are two more:

  1. The scuba diving in the Caribbean is excellent because of the coral reefs.
  2. They went on a scuba diving vacation to Australia.