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Vocabulary Quiz
night life • jump on • circumstances
flight crew • chitchat
  1. The in Paris is exciting but expensive.
  2. I had a with my father-in-law after dinner.
  3. The must wear a uniform at all times.
  4. She did well under the .
  5. If we a bus it will be cheaper.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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Mixer 116 What are your plans for tonight?
Listen as a group of people talk about lies they have told and whether or not they got caught.

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night life

go out and see the nightlife

'Night life' talks about fun activities we do in the evening after work or on weekends. Those activities include for instance, the cinema, karaoke or maybe dinner at our favorite restaurant. Notice the samples.

  1. Las Vegas has amazing nightlife.
  2. My home town is very quiet. There's not much nightlife.

jump on

jump on the BTS

We usually use the phrase 'jump on' when we take public transportation to get someplace quickly. Here are two examples.

  1. A taxi is expensive. Let's jump on the Metro.
  2. We can jump on a bus and be there in 15 minutes.

under the circumstances

less work related under the circumstances

The phrase 'under the circumstances' talks about things we cannot control about a situation. The situation is usually negative. Notice the following.

  1. It's raining heavily. Under the circumstances, your parents will understand why we are late.
  2. He missed many classes, but under the circumstances, he did well on the test.


We will have dinner and a little chitchat.

A chitchat is a short, casual coversation between people. Notice the following:

We had a little chitchat between classes about our families.

My mother and sister are alway chitchating on the phone.

flight crew

usually filled with flight crews

The pilot, co-pilot, and flight attendants on an airplane are called the flight crew.

See the samples below.

  1. The flight crew is usually the last to exit the plane.
  2. The crew was tired from the long flight.

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