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Vocabulary Quiz
pop out • trying experience • figure out
trade • out of sync
  1. I feel today.
  2. The DVD suddenly of the player.
  3. Training dogs can be a .
  4. Did you when the movie starts?
  5. Being a lawyer is a good .
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
Mixer 125 Bad Hair Day
Listen to six people talk about the worst haircut they have ever had.
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pop out


My eyes started to pop out and my nose looked bigger.

To pop out means to come out of a tight area. Notice the following:

  1. The rabbit popped out of the hole in the ground.
  2. The surprise ending of the movie made my eyes pop out.

a trying experience


Having to get a haircut can be a trying experience.

A trying experience is a difficult experience. Notice the following:

  1. Marriage at times can be a trying experience.
  2. Dealing with screaming children can be a trying experience.

figure that out


I don't know why I cut them, still can't figure that out to this day.

When you figure something out, you understand more about it. Notice the following:

  1. I still have not figured out how to get to work in less than an hour, but I'm sure it can be done.
  2. I can never figure out why people like to watch baeball. It is so boring.



The barber may have learned his trade in the 1920s.

Here, the word trade means profession or occupation. Notice the following:

  1. Many people become teachers because it is a very safe trade. There is always work.
  2. He is very skilled at his trade.

out of sync


It was completely kind of out of sync with my age and thwe year at the time.

When something is out of sync it does not match the actions or movement of related parts. Notice the following:

  1. The video and audio are out of sync. You hear speaking when the lips are not moving.
  2. If I do not get eight hours sleep, I feel out of sync all day.