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Vocabulary Quiz
down the toilet • give up • prowess
ritual • competitive
  1. Recently my love life has gone .
  2. I have to fast food if I want to lose weight.
  3. He is very . He hates losing.
  4. Most weddings have some sort of to them.
  5. He has a lot of on the trading floor.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Mixer 129 What should be an Olympic sport?

Six people discuss what sport should be in the Olympics.

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  • Vocabulary



I think the Olympics focus a little too much on physical strength and prowess.

When you have a lot of prowess at something, you are very skilled at it. Notice the following:

  1. He was a lot of prowess in fishing.
  2. She showed prowess in the battlefield.



They're absolutely fantastic in the way they play the ritual they follow.

A ritual is a procedure you always do in a certain situation. Notice the following:

  1. Many athletes follow a ritul before every match.
  2. There is a ritual at each church service.



I think ballroom dancing would be a really competitive sport for the Olympics.

When you are competitive you love winning and hate losing. Notice the following:

  1. Usually, on competitive companies survive.
  2. Students like games because the are fun and competitive. They want to win.

give up


I gave taekwando up, because it took too much time.

If you give something up, you stop doing it on a regular basis, usually for some reason. Notice the following:

  1. I used to ski a lot, but I gave it up after I hurt my knee.
  2. She gave up drinking as soon as she got pregnant.

go down the toilet


My skills have gone down the toilet.

When something does down the toilet, that means it worsens in condition. Notice the following:

  1. With the bad economy, my savings has gone down the toilet.
  2. My grades are going down the toilet this term.