131 Cooking or Cleaning

Listen to six people share what they prefer: cooking or cleaning.


Paul / England
speakerI prefer cooking because I enjoy the creative aspect of cooking, the idea of bringing together a number of ingredients, and you know, cooking is something that's going to taste good. And for these reasons, I enjoy cooking to cleaning.

Phoebe / China
speakerDo I prefer cooking or cleaning? Definitely, I prefer cooking. I don't mind to cook every meal as long as someone can clean it for me, so if you let me choose, definitely, I prefer cooking.

Tim / United States
speakerI like both cooking and cleaning, because I like doing my own cooking because it can be fun and you can make something that you enjoy eating and tastes good and is also healthy. And I also like cleaning because I don't like having a mess in my personal space, and I like keeping things organized, so it's nice to keep things clean, so you have a less stressful life.

Antoinette / United States
speakerI prefer cleaning. Cooking is very stressful, because if you're cooking, you're going to cook for someone else. If I have to cook for myself, I don't mind, I don't really care. I'll eat whatever it is I cook. But if I'm cooking for other people, I have to worry about whether they will like what I make, if I'll make enough, if I'll have enough courses, will I make something someone's allergic to, so it's just very stressful. Cleaning, that's easy, and it helps me to relieve stress.

Rese / Botswana
speakerI prefer cooking because cleaning takes too much energy, and I don't really like washing up and getting my hands wet. Plus, I like to come up with new recipes and experiment in the kitchen.

Kat / Germany
speakerI definitely prefer cooking. Cooking is actually one of my biggest hobbies. I love making food for my friends, I love preparing an elaborate meal for everyone, and I really enjoy throwing dinner parties.

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I don't really care
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Complete the sentences with the words below.
creative • stressful • allergic
come up with • elaborate
  1. His job is very . He has a lot of pressure to succeed.
  2. We hope to some new ideas.
  3. His plan was very as it required many stages.
  4. Her art is very , but not very elaborate.
  5. The children are to peanuts.