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Vocabulary Quiz
unpredictable • war-torn • escalate
generation • break out
  1. The violence started to after the brawl started.
  2. There are many homeless children in countries.
  3. Fights always at large sporting events .
  4. Weather is so in spring.
  5. This story will be popular for to come.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Mixer 139 Politics or the environment?

Listen to six people share their feelings about what they worry about most.

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I think that' more unpredictable.

If something is unpredictable, that means you it has more than one possible outcome. Notice the following:

  1. The weather is always unpredictable.
  2. In sports, the final score is always unpredictable.



I'm never going to go to these countries that are war-torn.

A war-torn area is an area negatively affected by war. Notice the following:

  1. France in WWII was a worn-torn area.
  2. She won awards for her photography of the war-torn area.



They can escalate very quickly unexpectedly.

We use the word escalate to describe how a bad situation quickly gets worse. Notice the following:

  1. Violence escalated after the football match between the two sets of fans.
  2. The argument between the two people escalated into a fist fight.

generations to come


It will affect generations and generations to come.

A generation is a set of population about the same age. Generations to come are future generations that have not been born yet. Notice the following:

  1. That movie will remembered for generations to come.
  2. Football will still be popular for generations to come.

break out


In the near future, a war can break out.

When a war or fight breaks out, that means it starts unintentionally. Notice the following:

  1. A fight broke out at the school between two gangs.
  2. A riot broke out after the home team lost the hockey game.