Jingwei and Joseph / Singapore flaf


Jingwei: Hi, I'm Jingwei.

Joseph: And I'm Joseph.

Jingwei: We're both from Singapore and this is for elllo.org.

Joseph: Yeah, today's question is is your country multicultural?

Jingwei: Definitely. We have four official languages: Malay, Tamil, English and Chinese. So that's an indication of how multiracial we are. We also have many public holidays like the Malay New Year called ...... the Indian New Year, Depavali, Chinese New Year.

Joseph: Festival of Lights.

Jingwei: Oops, not New Year. Festival of Lights. Somewhat like New Year.

Joseph: It's a traditional holiday and the Chinese New Year which involves these!

Jingwei: Anpow.

Joseph: There's always money inside so it's a very happy New Year for the Chinese. I guess we can also tell them about multicultural. Because now schools, we often sing songs like for ..... Yeah, ...... is one of the more popular Malay songs, and we have our Chinese songs. Yeah, I guess learning about all these different cultures, definitely shows that we are multicultural, so Singapore is one of the more multicultural countries.

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