Jinwei and Joseph / Singaporeflaf


Jingwei: Hi, I'm Jingwei.

Joseph: I'm Joseph.

Jingwei: We're from Singapore and this is for elllo.org. The question today is what is being threatened in our country?

Joseph: I assume this refers to animals, and as of now I really can't think of any. The Singapore is doing a pretty good job, but in the past …

Jingwei: We had tigers ...

Joseph: But they're all gone now, except for at the zoo. We had quite a few species of snakes like grass snakes, but we don't see them around much now. Hopefully, some household pests like cockroaches, ants, maybe they'll be extinct soon. Then we could all have a more comfortable and less fearful lives. Any animals that you wanna see be threatened?

Jingwei: What?

Joseph: I don't know.

Jingwei: That's not politically correct.

Joseph: Yeah, but I'm not a big fan of all animals. Dogs and cats, they're still alright but the big ones are scary ones.

Jingwei: I think some bats, and some birds and some insects are being threatened in Singapore. But we don't hear much about them.

Joseph: So I guess they are still doing fine.

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