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#1029 How does grad school differ from undergraduate?

My name is Miles and I'm from United States and this is for My question is: how does graduate school differ from undergraduate school?

And, when I got my master's I found a lot of differences between the two. First of all, it has a lot to do with when you socialize with people. If you tell them you're a university student, they're interested but once you tell them you're a graduate student, they become more interested, and you also get a lot of benefits financially because as a graduate student people don't expect you to have a part-time job because graduate studies are so heavy, and I had an office as a graduate assistant, so that was also nice. Plus, the academic differences between the two are pretty interesting too. In undergrad, you spend a lot of time studying things you are not interested in, but when you become a graduate student, you are very focused on the things that interest you the most and it's very motivating. I spent every day - hours and hours - in the library and enjoyed every second of it.

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