Pernais / Jamaica flaf Doron / England flaf

#1042 Are you happy where you live right now?

Doron: Hi, there. I'm Doron from England.

Pernais: And I am Pernais from Jamaica.

Doron: Pernais, are you happy where you live right now?

Pernais: Yes, I am. My apartment building is a little bit old, but the rent is very cheap, and that's the part that I really like. What about you?

Doron: I'm torn. I'm really torn. My apartments in a great location. It's easy to get to work, restaurants and things, but it's really noisy, and I don't sleep well and my roof is leaking.

Pernais: Oh, that's bad.

Doron: It's also cheap.

Pernais: Cheap is good.

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Are you happy where you live right now?
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