Pernais / Jamaica flaf Doron / England flaf

1050 Will we still have newspapers in the future?

Pernais: Hello, I am Pernais from Jamaica.

Doron: And I am Doron from England.

Pernais: And our question is: will we still have newspapers in 50 years?

Doron: That's a great question. I'd say yes. Just because we don't really need them now. We have so much technology that we don't need newspapers but personally, I love the feel of paper in my hands, so I would still buy newspapers. I still do buy newspapers. What do you think?

Pernais: I think maybe in fifty years we might not have paper anymore. Maybe something better will have been invented by then.

Doron: Better than paper?

Pernais: Better than paper.

Doron: You're crazy.

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