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#1051 What is your favorite holiday?

Mike: Hello, this is Mike from Singapore, and this is for elllo.org, and we're talking to ...

MJ: MJ from Korea.

Mike: MJ from Korea. OK. Well, we're going to talk about holiday. Do you have lots of holidays in your country?

MJ: Compared to America, we don't have a lot, but I think we have pretty a lot.

Mike: OK, for example.

MJ: For example, there is Salan which is celebrating the New Year, so we are eating some special kind of traditional food of Korea and there are some other, like, big event, traditional holidays in Korea and we're celebrating it. What about you Mike?

Mike: In Singapore we have holidays for the Chinese. We have holidays for the Malays and Indians, and there's three groups, they make up like probably almost the biggest percentage in Singapore, and so for example a Chinese holiday would be Chinese New Year of course. That's the main one, and for Indians there is a holiday called Depavali and that is nice as well. Lots of lights and for Malay they have holidays also. Well, it's the equivalent of the Malay New Year and there's a lot of good food. It's very interesting stuff. Really.

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