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#1062 Would like to be a singer, actor, or athlete?

Tlotlo: Hi, my name is Tlotlo, and I am from Botswana.

Rese: Hey, I'm Rese from Botswana as well.

Tlotlo: So our question is would your rather be a famous singer, actor, athlete or politician?

Rese: I think I'd rather be a famous actor cause you get a lot of money, you're famous but you don't do that much. If you're an athlete you have to work hard, and you're always tired.

Tlotlo: But what about learning scripts? That sounds like a really difficult job to me?

Rese: But you learn bit by bit cause shooting is over a long time so maybe it's not so hard.

Tlotlo: Yeah, but I would really say hey, that being an actor is actually pretty hard cause there's a lot that comes with it, acting out a part that you probably are sometimes not very familiar with that should take a lot of out you. You know? So it should be a hard job.

Rese: You just have to be good at being fake.

Tlotlo: Well, you could put it that way. Well, I think I 'd rather be a famous singer. I wish I was good at singing though, but that's what I need. I just all about spreading the love and sharing my thoughts with other people and just expressing my mind, and I think singers have the opportunity to share what's in their minds. Express themselves, share the love, you know, and I think that's what I'd much rather do, just spread the word. I'm all about words. I think words have a very, very big effect on people. Yeah, what you say really does matter, so being a singer you can actually say a lot and touch a lot people's hearts. That's my destiny in life. I want to touch many hearts. Yeah, so a singer for me.

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