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Hanna / Australia flaf Paul / Korea flaf

What is the worst job you have had?

Paul: Hi, this is Paul from South Korea.

Hanna: And I'm Hanna from Australia.

Paul: So Hanna have you ever had the worst experience working?

Hanna: A really bad experience working? Yes, actually. I had a three day job once. I was a telemarketer, and for those people who haven't heard of that kind of job before, basically, you ring up a lot of people at dinner time, and try to sell them something, and hassle them, so yeah, after three days, I quit because I couldn't stand ringing people up anymore.

Paul: That sounds awful.

Hanna: Yeah, it was horrible.

Paul: My worst? I wouldn't say the worst, but I was once a cleaner. I was in the dormitory and I had to wake up at six in the morning to clean up and pick up all the trash on the floor. It was sooooo ... it was a nightmare. At six in the morning.

Hanna: That's pretty early.

Paul: It is.

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