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#1090 Do you like to cook?

Hello, I'm Micky and I'm from Nigeria. The question I would like to answer today is about cooking and what can I cook.

Actually, I love cooking cause I learned that from my mom and I enjoy doing it. It's nice when you cook something that you know you love cooking and you're eating. You know how you feel when it's something you make cause cooking is like art. It's what you put inside that you get, so if you create something, you will always love it too. For me, I feel that cooking is like creating. Actually, I love making beans. Beans, how I make is more or less a porridge kind of beans, so I boil the beans. After twenty minutes I add onions, I add the oil of the vegetables, the spices, and put everything together, after like one and a half hour, turn everything down, sorry, turn everything together, bring it down and serve it cold or hot. And you can eat it with the bread, or even with rice or any of that combination, so I love it and I'll keep eating it and I'll keep cooking.

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