Mark / England flaf Sorie / Honduras flaf

Mark: Hello, my name is Mark.

Sorie: And my name is Sorie.

Mark: Today's question is would you buy a computer second hand?

Sorie: I would, definitely. I don't mind if it's new or old as long as it works. I'm not picky, how about you?

Mark: Definitely, I'm not picky either. I don't see why I wouldn't buy a computer second hand.

Sorie: Alright.

Mark: Case for seeing any problem though?

Sorie: I don't think so and they're cheap so I think it's already good.

Mark: Cheaper, are they?

Sorie: Yeah.

Mark: So, basically, will you think that buying a computer second hand has no possible problem?

Sorie: No.

Mark: Yeah, great.

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