Aiste / Lithuania flaf Chris / Denmark flaf

Chris: Hello, I am Chris from Belgium.

Aiste: And I am Aiste from Lithuania, and this is for Now, we are going to talk about ...

Chris: Art!

Aiste: Different types of art. Now we are standing in a very nice place. Everything is handmade. And, what do you think Chris? How do you like it?

Chris: Well, I think this is wonderful. This is a tyrannosaurus rex, a dinosour, and it is entirely made out of paper, so handmade out of paper. It's called origami.

Aiste: Origami .. that's ...

Chris: It's a Japanese kind of paper trick. And this is the pictures that one of my friends was drawing, and it has very nice colors I think.

Aiste: Oh, I like those ones. They look really cute.

Chris: Yes, this is like a heart with legs and arms and a hat. Very cute. So what do you think of it Aiste?

Aiste: I really like it. I think it would be nice to have something from here.

Chris: OK, let's buy it.

Aiste: Yes.

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