Mark / England flaf Sorie / Honduras flaf

Mark: Hello, my name is Mark.

Sorie: And my name is Sorie.

Mark: And today's question is if you could learn any language what language would it be?

Sorie: I would like to learn Portuguese, how about you?

Mark: I think I'd like to learn Spanish. Why would you, why would you like to learn Portuguese?

Sorie: It sounds very beautiful, it's got a very beautiful rhythm and it's oh the music, they have beautiful music as well.

Mark: Right, if you learn Portuguese which countries would you like to visit?

Sorie: Well, I can only visit Brazil and Portugal.

Mark: Oh, really.

Sorie: Yeah.

Mark: If I learn Spanish, I'd really like to visit all of South America. I'd like to make a journey all through all the countries in South America. I feel that Spanish is most useful language for that.

Sorie: Yes and it's easy to learn.

Mark: Is it?

Sorie: Yes, I think so. I definitely recommend you learning Spanish.

Mark: Okay, great.

Sorie: Yeah, okay.

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