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Diego: Hello, this is Diego from Mexico.

Elena: And Elena from Bulgaria.

Diego: For elllo.org. Today we're going to talk about whether athletes make too much money or not.

Elena: So do you think they make too much money?

Diego: I don't know. I guess people in entertainment generally make too much money. We're talking about millions of dollars, a million dollar industry every year in advertising and all these things. But in a way if I think about artists like singers or musicians compared to athletes, I think athletes' earnings are more justified than general entertainment.

Elena: Really? Why?

Diego: Because the athletes in the industry, they're setting an example for people, especially kids to be healthier, to actually go out there and run around, play soccer, swimming, golf, anything. So they are actually encouraging society to be more healthy and proactive.

Elena: I guess you're right but in my opinion people getting paid that much money just to run around and have fun, I don't know.

Diego: Yeah, well I guess it's a bit more than just running around and having fun, like it actually takes a lot of dedication, time and effort to become a professional athlete.

Elena: I guess so but it takes dedication and time to become a professional anything, so I don't know.

Diego: That is true. What do you guys think? Thank you.

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