Free English Course for Beginners - CEFR A1- Lesson 2 of 25

Yes / No Questions - Be Verbs

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: Are you hot?
Woman: Yes, I am very hot.
Man: Is the air-con on?
Woman: No, it is off.
Man: Can I turn it on?
Woman: Yes, please do.

Conversation 2

Man: Is your house big?
Woman: Yes, it is pretty big.
Man: Is it new?
Woman: No, it is very old.
Man: Is it nice?
Woman: Not really. I want to move.

Conversation 3

Man: I like your shoes. Are they new?
Woman: Yes, I just got them.
Man: Are they expensive?
Woman: No, they are very cheap.
Man: Are they from the discount shoe shop?
Woman: Yes! How did you guess?

Conversation 4

Man: Are you hungry?
Woman: Yes, I am very hungry.
Man: Do you want pizza?
Woman: Yes, let's get some.
Man: Is the pizza shop still open?
Woman: Yes, it is open 24 hours.

Be Verbs - Yes / No Questions - Present Simple

Point 1: Yes/No questions with I - 1st person singular.

  1. Am I late? (adjective)
  2. Am I in your seat? (prepositional phrase)
  3. Am I your best friend? (noun phrase)
  4. Yes, you are.
  5. No, you are not.

Point 2: Yes/No questions with you 2nd person singular.

  1. Are you hungry?
  2. Are you at home?
  3. Are you a teacher?
  4. Yes, I am.
  5. No, I'm not.

Point 3: Yes/No questions with she - 3rd person singular.

  1. Is Mary mad?
  2. Is she on the phone?
  3. Is she your friend?
  4. Yes, she is.
  5. No, she isn't.

Point 4: Yes/No questions with he 3rd person singular.

  1. Is Jason upset?
  2. Is he in the room?
  3. Is he a nice person?
  4. Yes, he is.
  5. No, he isn't.

Point 5: Yes/No questions with it 3rd person singular.

  1. Is the computer expensive?
  2. Is it on sale?
  3. Is it a good computer?
  4. Yes, it is.
  5. No, it isn't.

Point 6: Yes/No questions with they - 3rd person plural.

  1. Are Bob and Mary married?
  2. Are they in the office?
  3. Are they a couple?
  4. Yes, they are.
  5. No, they aren't.

Point 7: Yes/No questions with you 1st person plural.

  1. Are we next?
  2. Are we in trouble?
  3. Are we a good team?
  4. Yes, we are.
  5. No, we aren't.

Point 8: Yes/No questions with you - 2nd person plural.

  1. Are you (guys) hungry?
  2. Are you (all) at home?
  3. Are you (two) good friends?
  4. Yes, we are.
  5. No, we are not.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!

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