English Course for Beginners - CEFR A1 - Lesson 3 of 25

Likes and Dislikes

Read and listen to four conversation using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: So what foods do you like?
Woman: I like ice cream, and pizza and apples.
Man: Oh, I like those foods too.
Woman: What foods do you like?
Man: Hmm, I like fish, vegetables, and bananas.
Woman: Together?
Man: No, not together!

Conversation 2

Man: What drinks do you like?
Woman: I like tea, and I like juice.
Man: Ooh, hot tea or cold tea?
Woman: Both. What about you?
Man: I like coffee and hot chocolate.
Woman: Ooh, I like both too!

Conversation 3

Man: What desserts do you like?
Woman: I really like ice-cream.
Man: Ooh! What flavor do you like?
Woman: Hmm, I like strawberry. I like vanilla too.
Man: Nice! I like cake and I like pie!
Woman: What kind of pie?
Man: I really like apple pie with ice cream!
Woman: Yum!

Conversation 4

Man: What snacks do you like?
Woman: I like to eat fruit.
Man: Oh yeah? What fruits do you like?
Woman: I like apples and oranges. And you?
Man: I like strawberries and watermelon!
Woman: Do you like to eat cookies?
Man: Of course! I love chocolate chip cookies!
Woman: Me too!


Point 1: You can ask about likes with the following pattern: What ( ---- ) do you like?

  1. What movies do you like?
  2. What sports do you like?
  3. What foods do you like?
  4. What desserts do you like?

Point 2: You can express likes with the following pattern:

  1. I like ( ---- )
  2. I like action movies.
  3. I like soccer.
  4. I like pizza.
  5. I like ice cream.

Point 3: For Yes / No Questions, we use the pattern below. Do you like ( ---- )?

  1. Do you like pizza?
  2. Do you like baseball?
  3. Do you like video games?
  4. Do you like coffee?

Point 4: You can answer a Yes / No Question in the following ways.

  1. Yes, I do.
  2. Of course. (= Yes, I do)
  3. No, I don't.
  4. Not really. (= No, I don't)
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!

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