English Course for Beginners - CEFR A1 - Lesson 16 of 25


Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: Where is the hotel?
Woman: It is downtown. It is near the park.
Man: Is it near the museum?
Woman: Yes, the museum is across from the hotel in the park.
Man: That is a good location.
Woman: Yes, and the mall is near by too.

Conversation 2

Man: Where do you live?
Woman: I live in the east side of town.
Man: Are you near the university?
Woman: Yes, it is not far away.
Man: Are you near the beach?
Woman: Yes, I live on the beach actually.

Conversation 3

Man:Where is the mall?
Woman: It is next to the train station.
Man: Where is the cafe?
Woman: It is across from the train station.
Man: And where is the nearest gym?
Woman: There is one in the mall on the second floor.

Conversation 4

Man: Does your town have a language school?
Woman: Yes, there is one on A Street.
Man: Where on A Street?
Woman: It is between the bank and the post office.
Man: Oh, that is close.
Woman: Yes, it is only five minutes away.


Part 1: Prepostions go before a noun (and determiner).

  1. She is in a meeting.
  2. They drove to the store.
  3. I live by a lake.
  4. We have class at eight.

Part 2: Prepositions show the location of an object.

  1. The cat is by the door.
  2. There is snow on the moutain.
  3. There is a running track around the soccer field.
  4. My shoes are under the bed.

Part 3: Prepositions can also be adverbs after a verb. We call these phrasal verbs. The meaning can bedifferent than the meaning of the preposition.

  1. I woke up late.
  2. Please turn on the radio.
  3. Don't give up.
  4. Please take off your shoes in the house.

Part 4: Prespositions are harder to hear in spoken English because they are reduced and often blend with the word before it.

He's in a meeting
Hez-zin-na meeing.

She's out of the room at the moment
Sheez-zout-dov the room-mat the moment.


Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!


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Grammar Listening Practice

1247 Work from Abroad
A1-16 Prepositions
The museum is across the hotel in the park.

1247 Work from Abroad
A1-17 Possessives
Yours is over there. It is next to mine.

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A1-18 Languages and Nationalities
I speak English and I study Spanish.

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A1-19 Can - Abilities
I can run pretty fast, but I cannot jump that high.

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A1-20 Adverbs of Frequency
I usually stay home, but sometimes I go out.

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