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Can - Abilities

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Woman: What sports can you play?
Man: I can play baseball a bit, and I can play tennis pretty well.
Woman: Can you play football?
Man: No, I am terrible at football. What about you?
Woman: Yeah, I can play football. I like it a lot, but I'm not great.
Man: I bet you're pretty good.
Woman: No, really! I'm not that good.

Conversation 2

Man: What languages can you speak?
Woman: I can speak Japanese and French.
Man: Wow, can you write in Japanese?
Woman: I can write a little bit but not that much.
Man: Yeah, I hear kanji is really difficult.
Woman: Yeah, it's really difficult. What about you? What languages can you speak?
Man: I can speak some Spanish, but not great. I can also speak Thai.
Woman: Wow, can you write in Thai?
Man: No, but I can read it. Writing is really difficult.
Woman: Still, that's pretty cool.

Conversation 3

Man: So, are you a good cook?
Woman: Not really, but I can cook basic stuff.
Man: Yeah? What can you cook?
Woman: I can make pasta dishes and some French cuisine. What about you?
Man: I can't cook anything. I can only make an omelet.
Woman: Well, that's not too bad. Can you make pancakes?
Man: No, I can't even make that.

Conversation 4

Man: What are you doing tonight?
Woman: I am going to Karaoke with friends. Do you want to come?
Man: No, thanks. I can't sing at all.
Woman: Oh, you should come. Singing is fun.
Man: Maybe for you. I hear you can sing really well.
Woman: I can sing a little bit, but I am not great.
Man: That's not what I heard.

Can / Be good at

Point 1: We use can to show abilities.

  1. I can play tennis.
  2. She can speak Italian.
  3. They can build a computer.
  4. This dictionary can hold one million words.

Point 2: The negative form of can has three spellings: can notcannot, and can't.

  1. I can't go tonight.
  2. She cannot speak German.
  3. I can not get an internet connection.
  4. My car cannot go very fast.

Point 3: The adverb well is used to show a high ability at doing something.

  1. Can you speak Japanese well?
  2. I cannot speak it very well. I can speak it just a little.
  3. What can you do well?
  4. I can cook fairly well.

Point 4: The phrase be good at means you can do something well.

  1. Are you good at sports?
  2. Yes, I am pretty good at sports.
  3. Are you good at computers?
  4. No, I am not good at computers at all.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!


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