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The Guesthouse

Daisuke lives in a guesthouse. He talks about his living arrangement.
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Todd: OK. Daisuke, we're going to talk about the guesthouse. We live at the same guesthouse.

Daisuke: Yes.

Todd: There's lots of people here.

Daisuke: Yep.

Todd: What do you think about the guesthouse?

Daisuke: It's quite nice to meet different people from different countries.

Todd: Uh-huh.. What do you do at night at the guesthouse?

Daisuke: At night?

Todd: Yeah.

Daisuke: Normally, I work quite early so I start working quite early so.. I'm sleeping at night.

Todd: Oh, you don't party with the people or have drinks or anything?

Daisuke: Only on Saturday. But Saturday, after I work. After work, I go to Ginza to have a drink with my workmates.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Daisuke: Then, I come back quite late so maybe I stay here maybe for two hours or something.

Todd: Oh, really? Oh, OK. Do you know everybody at the guesthouse? Do you know everybody here?

Daisuke: I don't think I know everbody but I know some people who comes down to the first floor and yeah..

Todd: Yeah, you just hang out?

Daisuke: Hang out. Yeah..

Todd: OK. How long do you plan to live here at the guesthouse?

Daisuke: My plan is I'm gonna live here within one month so it will be four months.

Todd: Four months. Oh, you're going to move.

Daisuke: Yeah.

Todd: Really? Why?

Daisuke: I'm searching for the job in the restaurant. As long as I get the job I'd like to move and live close to the restaurant. Cause the restaurant life is quite long hours so I have to live, you know, live close to the restaurant. Get some sleep.

Todd: Yeah. What kind of restaurant job? Cook or waiter or..?

Daisuke: A chef.

Todd: A chef?

Daisuke: A cook, of course cook.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Daisuke: I don't get any skills, I don't have any skills so I have to start from the bottom but I want to do the Japanese cuisine.

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It's nice to meet different people at the guesthouse.

A 'guesthouse' is similar to a hostel or a long term hotel.  Notice the following:

  1. We get free breakfast in the guesthouse where we're staying.
  2. She has lived in her guesthouse for almost a year.

party with

Don't you party with people or have drinks?

To 'party with' someone is to go out drinking, dancing or socializing with them.  Notice the following:

  1. Sometimes I miss partying with my college friends.
  2. Do you think it's weird to party with your parents?

first floor

I know some people who come down to the first floor.

The 'first floor' is either the bottom floor of a building or the second one up, depending on the set-up of the building, if there is a lobby, and even the numbering standard of the country.  Notice the following:

  1. I like my first floor apartment, but I miss the view of the city I had before.
  2. It makes life easier to live on the first floor.

hang out

I hang out with most of them.

To 'hang out' with someone is to spend time with him doing some kind of activity or just talking or watching television.  Notice the following:

  1. Where do you hang out on weekends?
  2. She hangs out with her sister a lot now.

start from the bottom

I don't have skills, so I have to start from the bottom.

To 'start from the bottom' in something is to begin at the most basic level.  Notice the following:

  1. I know nothing about photography so I'll have to start from the bottom.
  2. He started from the bottom a few years ago, but has worked his way up to assistant manager.

Vocabulary Quiz

crack • whisk • angle • whipped • flip over
  1. How long should I the eggs and oil?
  2. Is that fence at an intentionally?
  3. You should your chicken because it's burning.
  4. Next you four eggs into the bowl.
  5. The butter and the sugar should have a look.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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