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Weekend Get-away

Adrianna is getting out of town for the weekend.
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Todd: So what are you doing this weekend, Adrianna?

I'm going to Fukuoka with...to meet my friend.

Oh cool, how do you know her?

She went to university with me.

Todd: What's she doing in Fukuoka?

She's on the Jet Program, teaching.

Oh, cool. Does she like it?

Yeah, she likes it. She renewed her contract so this is her third year.

Excellent. Do you know what you are going to be doing down in Fukuoka?

I think she's going to take me to a pub.

Todd: You've not been to any of them in Japan?

Adrianna: No, not.. first time. And we are going to...What are we going to do? Oh, we're going to have a Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday and we're going to go to a Karaoke.

OK, have you been to any Karaoke bars here?

Yeah, I went to a Karaoke bar in Roppongi.

Did you sing?

Of course.

Excellent. In English?

Ah.. yeah. My Japanese isn't too great.

Todd: What has she told you about Fukuoka?

Adrianna: How do you mean?

Todd: Like, do you know about the city?

Adrianna: Not much.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

renewed her contract

She renewed her contract, so this is her third year.

To 'renew a contract' is to sign a paper saying that you will continue with a job or a service.  Notice the following:

  1. I have to renew my contract next January.
  2. Does she plan to renew her contract?

Karaoke bar

Have you been to any karaoke bars here?

A 'karaoke bar' is a place where you can sing along to popular songs using a microphone.  Sometimes this is in front of a crowd of strangers or sometimes in a private room with your friends.  Notice the following:

  1. It isn't fun to live next to a karaoke bar.
  2. They go to the karaoke bar once a month.

not too great

My Japanese is not too great.

If something is 'not too great' it means it is not good or that it is bad.  Notice the following:

  1. My apartment is not too great, but the location is incredible.
  2. The road is not too great during the winter.

Thanksgiving celebration

We're going to have a Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday.

A 'Thanksgiving celebration' is an American tradition where people eat turkey, potatoes and pies.  It happens in November so there is usually a football game on for entertainment.  Notice the following:

  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite family holiday celebration.
  2. This will be his first Thanksgiving celebration ever in the United States.

Vocabulary Quiz

renew • karaoke • not too great
  1. She is really good at singing.
  2. The cabin was , but we spent most of time outside.
  3. After ten years he decided not to his contract.
  4. We cooked two turkeys for the celebration.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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