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The Weather

Marika talks about the day's weather and about the kinds of weather she likes.
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Todd: Hey, Marika!

Marika: Hey!

Todd: How you doing?

Marika: I'm OK. How are you?

Todd: Good. Marika do you like summer?

Marika: No, I don't like summer it's my least favorite summer.

Todd: Wow, why?

Marika: Because I don't like hot weather. I don't like being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.

Todd: OK. Well, it's pretty hot in Japan so you must not like summer here.

Marika: No, I don't.

Todd: Is it hot in summer where you're from?

Marika: Yeah, it's pretty hot but usually we go away on the weekends to cottages and we go swimming in lakes and stuff.

Todd: Oh, that's nice. Where are you from by the way?

Marika: Canada.

Todd: So, what's your favorite season?

Marika: Winter or fall.

Todd: OK. Well, what do you do in the winter?

Marika: In the winter, activities you mean?

Todd: Yeah.

Marika: I go snowboarding and I go to onsens and I walk around and I enjoy the cold weather.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

sweaty or uncomfortable

I don't like being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.

We are 'sweaty' when we are really hot or when we exercise.  Sweat is when water leaves your body through your skin.  When we don't feel right or normal we feel 'uncomfortable.' Being uncomfortable can mean we are physically uncomfortable like too hot, too cold, sick, hungry or even emotionally uncomfortable like embarrassed.  Notice the following:

  1. I'm sweaty because I just finished running.
  2. Is that chair uncomfortable?

go away

When it's hot, we usually go away on the weekends to relax.

When we take a trip or a vacation to a place we 'go away' there.  Notice the following:

  1. You need to go away for a weekend.
  2. We go away for a little vacation every March.

by the way

Where are you from, by the way?

We can use this phrase to add or ask for extra information that maybe is different than the subject we are talking about. Notice the following:

  1. She wants to meet you, by the way.
  2. By the way, where did you get that purse?


I go snowboarding in the winter.

'Snowboarding' is like skateboarding or surfing but on snow.  Both of your feet are attached to a board and you turn by shifting your weight to the front and back.  Notice the following:

  1. My body hurts from snowboarding yesterday.
  2. You have to try snowboarding this winter.

walk around

I walk around and enjoy the cold weather.

'Walking around' is walking without any destination.  It is for exercise and experience.  Notice the following:

  1. We should walk around the lake after dinner.
  2. She can spend hours walking around the mall and never buy anything.

Vocabulary Quiz

sweaty • uncomfortable • went away
by the way • snowboarding • walk around
  1. It snowed a few days ago, so would be fantastic today.
  2. , when is your birthday?
  3. When you are traveling you have to the cities to see all the sights.
  4. I hate when I eat too much because I feel .
  5. We to Indonesia last year.
  6. He is always really in the summer.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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