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Howard is a motorcycle enthusiast. He talks about his bike and hitting the road.
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Howard: Hi, Todd.

Todd: Hey, how's it going, Howard? So I heard that you're really into motorcycles.

Howard: Ah, yes, I love motorcyles. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 15 years old.

Todd: Oh, really. Wow! So, what's the allure of motorcycles?

Howard: Freedom. I like the fresh air. I like being out on my own. And I just like the feeling of riding on a bike. It's like a bicycle without having to pedal and you go a lot faster.

Todd: Yeah, that's for sure. Do you have any good motorcylcle stories?

Howard: About 10,000 of them.

Todd: Well, have you ever like taken a special trip on a motorcycle?

Howard: I've been all over the East coast of the United States, from Pennsylvania to Florida on a motorcycle.

Todd: Oh, wow.

Howard: Yeah, I've travelled many times and many different kinds of roads, and taken all kinds of camping trips on bikes.

Todd: Wow, sounds great. So do you usually travel alone or in a group?

Howard: Almost always I go alone. Some guys like to travel together but I found I enjoyed it by myself most of all.

Todd: Oh really. Oh, wow. Don't you get kind of lonely?

Howard: Never, there's always a new adventure on every trip.

Todd: Have you ever made any special friends out on the road?

Howard: Sure, bikers are like a special kind of fraternity. Every biker knows each other, and we're all very close even though we're not close.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

how's it going

Hey, how's it going, Howard?

'How's it going?' is an informal way to ask "How are you?"  We use this when talking to our friends or people we know well.  Notice the following:

  1. When he saw me in the hall, he asked me how it was going.
  2. "How's it going?" asked my brother.

really into

I heard that you're really into motorcycles.

If you are really interested in motorcycles you are 'really into them.' Notice the following:

  1. She was really into fashion when she was younger.
  2. They were really into Italian food for a while.

all over

I've been all over the East Coast of the United States.

To have been 'all over' the East Coast is to have visited many different locations in different states.  Notice the following:

  1. We have friends all over the country.
  2. He has been all over the world in the last three years.


Bikers are a special kind of fraternity.

A 'fraternity' is a group of people with common interests or goals.  We also use this word to describe clubs for men at university.  Notice the following:

  1. She was in the Chemistry fraternity in college.
  2. They formed a sort of fraternity to talk about cars.

very close

Every biker knows each other and we're all very close.

If two people are 'very close' they are good friends and know each other very well.  Notice the following:

  1. They were very close in high school.
  2. She and her sister have never been very close.


Vocabulary Quiz

how's it • really into • all over
fraternity • very close
  1. He has worked Asia.
  2. going at your new job?
  3. The biology takes many trips to protected parks.
  4. I was cooking when I first moved here.
  5. They hated each other when they were young, but now they are .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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