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Trip to Argentina

Jessica talks about her plans for a trip to Argentina.

Todd: Hey, Jessica, what are your plans for the summer?

Jessica: This summer, I think I'm going to go on a trip with my brother to Argentina. We are still making the plans to go but I think we're going to go for two weeks. And we're probably going to go from Chicago because that's where he lives to Buenos Aires and then go north to the city of Córdoba, which is the second largest city in Argentina. So.. and then from there I'd really like to go and see some gauchos which are Argentine cowboys, so I think that that would be really cool and have some barbecue and see everything that we can, so..

Todd: Cool! Are you going to work your way down to the southern tip?

Jessica: I don't think we're going to just because I have a buddy of mine that lives in the north, in Córdoba and I think it's so far from the north to the south just cause it's such a long country. That he said by bus it would take something like some ungodly amount of hours and so I don't know, in two weeks. I think that would be a little bit ambitious to try to cover it all so..

Todd: OK, do you know anybody in Argentina?

Jessica: Yeah, my one friend who lives there that I definitely want to go and visit him.

Todd: Oh, so your friend already lives there.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

work your way down

Are you going to work your way down to the southern tip?

Used like this 'work your way down' refers to traveling slowly in a southern direction, stopping to see things along the way. Notice the following:

  1. How long do you have to work your way down to Chile?
  2. We are going to work our way down to the southern part of the country and then drive along the coast.


I have a buddy of mine that lives in the north.

'Buddy' is an informal way of saying friend.  This is used more commonly to refer to men. Notice the following:

  1. Have you met my buddy John?
  2. He went camping with some buddies this weekend.


He said it would take some ungodly number of hours by bus.

An 'ungodly' number of hours is a lot. Too many hours for the average person to handle.  It is similar in meaning to outrageous or intolerable. Notice the following:

  1. My professor give us an ungodly amount of homework.
  2. During the summer he works an ungodly number of hours in the hot sun.


I think it would be a little bit ambitious to do that.

If you have an 'ambitious' goal it is diffult to achieve without a lot of hard work. Notice the following:

  1. I think finishing this project in two weeks is a little too ambitious.
  2. He has very ambitious goals for the company.

cover it all

I'm not sure if we can cover it all in two weeks.

Used to refer to traveling 'cover all of it' means to travel through all of the different parts that you want to see. Notice the following:

  1. He covered the whole city in a day on a bicycle.
  2. We want to cover all the area we can in the month that we have to travel.

Vocabulary Quiz

work his • buddy • ungodly
ambitious • cover all
  1. She has always been very and she has worked very hard for her position.
  2. His plan is to of Europe by train.
  3. I think their band has an sound, but some people really like it.
  4. My could probably get you a job there.
  5. He is going to way down south, staying with friends along the way.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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