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Key Lime Pie

Shuan shares his recipe for key lime pie.

Senem: Hey, Shawn, I heard that you are really good at making key lime pie.

Shawn: Key lime pie, that's my special recipe. I just can't give that out to anybody.

Senem: Yes, you can. Please. I really want to make it tonight. Please tell me.

Shawn: What for?

Senem: What do you mean, what for? Just be nice and tell me.

Shawn: Well, alright, because you're my best friend, I will.

Senem: Thank you.

Shawn: But you have to pay me back some day.

Senem: Alright. I will. I'll teach you how to make some Turkish food. There we go.

Shawn: OK. Well, first, key lime pie has a few special ingredients that you need to get.

Senem: Uh-huh

Shawn: And the first one is graham crackers.

Senem: Graham crackers

Shawn: Alright and if you can find them, the rest is pretty simple.

Senem: I see.

Shawn: What you need to do, is you have to collect, you have to find graham crackers first and then you also have to buy three limes, to cans of sweetened condensed milk.

Senem: Right.

Shawn: And buy a stick of butter.

Senem: OK.

Shawn: And what you do first is you get your pie dish, right.

Senem: Uh-huh

Shawn: And you mix the butter. Well, you first you melt the butter down, and then you mix it with the crushed graham crackers, and when you crush the graham crackers, they have to be in pretty small bits, not two small, not like a powder, but sort of like bread crumbs.

Senem: OK.

Shawn: And what you do, is you mix the graham crackers and the butter and you form a pie crust.

Senem: OK.

Shawn: Alright, and then what you do, after that you stick it in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

Senem: 15 minutes.

Shawn: 15 minutes, and that's it, and while you leave it in for 15 minutes, what you do, is you take your limes, right, and you have to have a grater and a juicer for your limes. And what you do, is your grate the outer skin of the limes

Senem: All three of them?

Shawn: All three of them. Until you get about, maybe a bit, maybe a table spoon worth of this lime zest and you mix the lime zest with the lime juice and your condensed milk.

Senem: All together?

Shawn: All together and you mix it until it all becomes, until you can't see the lime juice anymore,
and then that should take around 15 minutes, by which time, your crust will be done (right) and all you do is pour your mixture into the crust and then stick it in the oven again for about twenty minutes, at about a 180 degrees this time

Senem: So the top can go brown or?

Shawn: Um, you don't want the top to go brown, you just want to cook it throughout alright so it becomes a bit more solid than just the runny, the runny condensed milk mixture and then after you do that, you just take it out, and stick it in the freezer, and if you leave it in the freezer for about three hours, you'll have a nice pie.

Senem: Beautiful. Great. Thanks a lot.

Shawn: No worries. But you better pay me back.

Senem: I will.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

stick in the oven

After that, you stick it in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

'Stick it in the oven' is an informal way of saying 'put it in the oven.' Notice the following:

  1. Will you just stick the chicken in the oven at 6 o'clock?
  2. Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes. I just have to stick this bread in the oven for a bit.


Get the grater and grate the outer skin of the limes.

When you 'grate' something you use a special tool called a grater to cut it into long, thin strips by moving the lime up and down on a metal board with holes in it. Notice the following:

  1. You have to grate the cheese so it melts faster.
  2. Can you please grate these carrots to put in the salad?

lime zest

Grate them until you get about maybe a tablespoon worth of this lime zest.

'Lime zest' is the bitter skin of the lime grated into very tiny pieces. Notice the following:

  1. Does the recipe call for lime zest or just lime juice?
  2. I can really taste the lime zest in this bread.

go brown

You don't want the top to go brown, you just want to cook it throughout.

Used like this 'go brown' refers to something turning brown from being cooked. Notice the following:

  1. The popcorn is beginning to go brown. I think it's done.
  2. I like it when the cheese on my pizza goes a little brown.


Cook it so it becomes a bit more solid than just the runny condensed milk mixture.

When a substance is 'runny' it is like liquid and won't stay in one place without some sort of a container. If you fry an egg for only a short period of time and then you cut the yellow part it is runny and it flows out of the egg like water. Notice the following:

  1. Put the ice cream in the freezer again. It's getting runny out here.
  2. I should have cooked the pancake a little bit longer because it's still a little runny in the middle.

Vocabulary Quiz

stick • grated • lime zest
went brown • runny
  1. My arm hurts because I about two kilos of carrots today.
  2. The jello is still a little because it wasn't in the refrigerator long enough.
  3. This ice cream is best with a little on top.
  4. The top of the bread very quickly, but the inside still wasn't done.
  5. Would you like me to your cookie in the oven for a bit to warm it up.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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