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Trip to Mexico

Shuan and Senem plan a trip to Mexico.

Senem: Hey, Shawn, how are you doing?

Shawn: Good, good, how are you?

Senem: Good thank you. I just wanted to ask you, what were you thinking of doing during the summer vacation?

Shawn: Um, I don't have a set plan really. I'd like to go to Mexico with somebody but I can't seem to find anybody to go with.

Senem: Oh, my gosh, that is so strange. I really want to go to Mexico, too.

Shawn: Really!

Senem: Yeah.

Shawn: Well, you know, summer vacation starts in about 10 days, I mean, so why don't we book our tickets together.

Senem: That would be great.

Shawn: Awesome.

Senem: Wait a minute. Have you been to Mexico before?

Shawn: Yeah, I've been to Cancun once before.

Senem: That's really good, because I haven't been to Mexico, so I wouldn't know where to go.

Shawn: Ah, well, I can show you some great bars and some great places to go swimming and diving.

Shawn: Sounds really good. I was also thinking of going on a road trip around Mexico, maybe head up tp Puerta Viarta

Senem: Uh, could we get an international driving license really easy, yeah!

Shawn: Actually, I can drive around on my Canadian license without any problems.

Senem: Wow, that is so convenient.

Shawn: Yeah, it is, and also, I'm, you know, the Baja pennisula is only a short boat ride away, we could also head to there.

Senem: That would be so awesome.

Shawn: Right, and you know one place I really want to go is Mexico city. I heard it's huge and humid, it's crowded but boy I think it would be fun.

Senem: How about the hotels there?

Shawn: What are the hotels like? It is expensive or?

Senem: Well, I'm sure they have really cheap hotels but the hotels I stayed in were medium to pretty high priced, so if we're going to go together maybe we should think about splitting a hotel room.

Shawn: I'm up for that.

Senem: Alright, great.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

book our tickets

Summer vacation starts in about 10 days, so why don't we book our tickets together?

When you 'book your tickets' it means that you reserve them by paying for them in advance. Notice the following:

  1. If you book your tickets now you get a big discount.
  2. We booked the tickets for spring vacation yesterday.

head up

I was thinking of going on a road trip around Mexico, maybe head up to Puerto Vallarta.

You 'head up' somewhere when you travel in a northern direction to get there. Notice the following:

  1. We are going to stop at the supermarket and then head up to my parents' house.
  2. It's better to head up there now before traffic gets too bad.


I heard Mexico City is huge and humid, but I think it would be fun.

A place is 'humid' when there is a lot of moisture or water in the air. In a humid place the air feels wet. Notice the following:

  1. It's always humid in the bathroom after someone takes a shower.
  2. It's so humid outside today that I started sweating the second I walked out the door.

splitting a hotel room or split a hotel room

If we're going to go together, maybe we should think about splitting a hotel room.

In this case 'split a hotel' means to share a hotel room and that each person pays half of the price of the room. You can use the word 'split' to talk about sharing or sharing the cost of anything. Notice the following:

  1. We are going to split the cost of sofa.
  2. Let's just split the internet bill from last month.

up for that

That's a good idea; I'm up for that.

If you are 'up for' something you want to do it. Notice the following:

  1. I'm a little tired tonight, so I'm not really up for going dancing.
  2. I'm always up for doing something outside on a nice day.

Vocabulary Quiz

and book • head • humid
split • up for that
  1. It rained a lot last week so it's really this week.
  2. What time are you going to up to the picnic?
  3. I think pizza sounds good for dinner. Are you ?
  4. We should a piece of cake with our coffee.
  5. You should call your tickets today because there aren't many seats left.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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