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Ron's Media Choices

Ron talks about the various types of media he prefers to use and why.

Mari: Hi, this is Mari. I'm here with Ron. Today, we'll talk about types of entertainment and how often we do these things. Let's first start with watching TV. Ron, how often do you watch TV?

Ron: Usually I watch TV every day. I don't watch TV very long but I usually watch TV every day. Usually I watch the news.

Mari: Why just the news?

Ron: I like to know what's going on in the world, so I usually watch CNN or BBC.

Mari: And that's it. Nothing else?

Ron: Usually, yes.

Mari: Usually?

Ron: Other than that, sometimes I'll watch sporting events such as baseball or football.

Mari: But that's it?

Ron: Yeah.

Mari: OK, next, do you go to the movies? How often do you go to the movies?

Ron: I don't go to the movies very often, maybe twice a year, I would say.

Mari: That's it.

Ron: Yeah.

Mari: Do you rent movies?

Ron: I rent movies more than I go to the cinema, but also not very often.

Mari: What kind of movies do you like?

Ron: I like funny movies. Comedies.

Mari: Comedies. What's the most recent movie you watched?

Ron: I watched Home Alone last night but it was on TV. I didn't rent the movie.

Mari: OK. How often do you read books?

Ron: I don't like reading, so I don't read books very often. The only time I do read books is for school purposes.

Mari: What kind of books do you read for school?

Ron: Well, my major is International Relations, so usually I read International Relations books, if I have to read.

Mari: If you have to read. So nothing? No books for pleasure?

Ron: Not for entertainment.

Mari: So when you're on the airplane, you don't read?

Ron: No. I try to watch the movies on the airplane.

Mari: OK. How often do you go to concerts?

Ron: I go to concerts once in awhile. In Hawaii, there aren't many concerts so when they're are concerts, I try to go.

Mari: What do you go see, or what type of concerts?

Ron: I like Hawaiian music so I go to Hawaiian concerts, and if a big star from America comes, I usually try to go also.

Mari: So music concerts.

Ron: Right, music concerts.

Mari: OK, Ron, thanks.

Ron: You're welcome.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson



Why just the news?

The words 'just' and 'only' have the same meaning and are interchangeable.  Notice the following:

  1. We have just one TV in our house.
  2. There is just one piece of cake left. Who wants it?



The only time I do read books is for school purposes.

A purpose tells us why someone does something.  Notice the following:

  1. I own a computer for business purposes.
  2. He must grown a beard for religious purposes.

Other than that


I mainly watch the news. Other than that, sometimes I'll watch sport.

The phrase 'other than that' means there is nothing more to do or say about something.  Notice the following:

  1. You need to clean the kitchen. Other than that, all the cleaning is done.
  2. We go to church on Sunday. Other than that, we do not do anything.



My major is International Relations.

Our major is or was our area of study at college or university.  Notice the following:

  1. Computer science is one of the most difficult majors in college.
  2. English is a popular major at that university.

once in awhile


I go to concerts once in awhile.

The phrase 'once in awhile' is similar in meaning to 'not often'.  Notice the following:

  1. I get out my guitar and play it once in awhile.
  2. Once in awhile, my dad cooks dinner for the family.

Vocabulary Quiz

just • purposes • other than
 major • once in
  1. I meet my friends from college a while.
  2. Do you want anything else to eat that?
  3. She got married last month.
  4. I have one phone for work and the other for personal use.
  5. His is English Literature.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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