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950 Life in Summer
950 Life in Summer
Aiste and Christophe discuss summer

949 Life in Winter
949 Life in Winter
Aiste and Christophe talks about winter.

948 Aikido
948 Aikido
Mark talks the martial art of Aikido.

947 TV Sports
947 Sports on TV
Marion and Todd discuss the sports on TV.

946 Blind Date
946 Blind Date
Doron discusses a unique dating experience.

945 Good Date
945 A Good Date
Melissa discusses what makes a good date.

944 Valentine's Day
944 Valentine's Day
Mel and Doron discuss Valentine experiences.

943 Game Day
943 Super Bowl Sunday
America's secret holiday.

940 Ron Food
942 Dog Will Travel
Greg talks about his dog and his travels.

939 Mari Food
941 Dancer the Dog
Greg shares what makes his dog special.

940 Ron Food
940 Ron's Favorite Foods
Ron talks about foods she loves to eat.

939 Mari Food
939 Mari's Favorite Foods
Mari talks about foods that she loves to eat.

938 Santi Sports
938 Other sports
Santi discusses sports that she likes.

937 Santi Debate
937 Team vs. Individual Sports
Santi and Todd debate team and individual sports.

936 Santi Chinese
936 Chinese New Year
Santi talks about a big holiday in Asia.

935 Santi Holiday
935 Santi Time
Santi from Indonesia talks about Christmas.

934 Darren Christmas
934 Darren's Christmas
Darren shares his feelings about Christmas.

933 Sharron Christmas
933 Sharron's Christmas
Sharron talks about the Christmas season.

931 Naomi Middle School
932 Class Rules
Marion talks about keeping her class in order.

931 Naomi Middle School
931 Middle School
Naomi talks about her daily life in middle school.

930 Brothers
930 Brothers
Ron talks about growing up with his brothers.

929 Sisters
929 Sisters
Santi talks about her sister.

928 Naomi Middle School
928 Free Time
Naomi talks about her free time activities.

927 Netball
927 Net Ball
Naomi talks about one of her favorite sports.

926 The Allure of Fishing
926 The Allure of Fishing
Darren shares why fishing is such a fun sport.

925 The Fisherman
925 The Fisherman
Darren talks about fishing in his local area.

924 Coasteering
924 Coasteering
A new sport that is gaining popularity.

923 Wales
923 The Welsh Coastline
The beautiful coastal areas of Wales.

922 African Wildlife
922 African Wildlife
David talks about wildlife in Kenya.

921 Deforestation
921 Deforestation
David talks about how deforestation and its issues.

920 Cooking Debate
920 Cooking Class Debate
Should cooking be taught in school?

919 Seat Debate
919 The Seat Debate
Sitting in the front or back of the class.

918 Mari's Choices
918 Mari's Media Choices
Mari talks about her favorite types of media.

917 Ron's Choices
917 Ron's Media Choices
Ron talks about his favorite types of media.

916 Mari's Ability
916 Mari's Abilities
Mari talks about her abilities.

915 Ron's Ability
915 Ron's Abilities
Ron talks about abilities.

914 Relief Work
914 Relief Work
Tarta talks about helping at the 2006 Tsunami.

913 Tsunami
913 Thai Tsunami
Tarta talks about being at the 2006 Tsunami.

912 Speed Dating
912 Speed Dating
Speed dating and how it works.

911 Online Dating
911 Online Dating
How online dating works.

910 Bar Scene
910 The Secret of Success
How to be successful at meeting women.

909 Pick Up Places
909 Pick Up Places
Places men can meet women.

908 Keeping it Off
908 Keeping it Off
Keeping the weight off.

907 The Big Drop
907 The Big Drop
Jade talks about how he lost a lot of weight.

906 Fast Food
906 Fast Food
Why America is known as a fast food nation.

905 Overweight Island
905 Overweight Island
Michael and Clare talk about gaining weight.

904 Speak English
904 Speak English?
Speaking English in China.

904 Tips for China
903 Tips for China
Fanny shares some tips about China.

902 Army Life
902 Health and Training
Michael talks about being in the army.

901 In the Army
901 In the Army
Michael talks about serving in his country.

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