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Santi Time

Santi from Indonesia talks about a Christmas where it is not common.

Todd: So, Santi, now you are from Indonesia but you actually are Christian, correct?

Santi: Yes.

Todd: And now most people in Indonesia are Muslim.

Santi: Yes, that's true.

Todd: Right, so are there any other major religions in Indonesia?

Santi: Oh, we have about six religions, actually: Muslim, Christians. We have two types of Christians: Catholic and Christians, and then we have Buddhists and Hindus and Confuciuos.

Todd: So you are Christian?

Santi: Yes.

Todd: So do you have a ... do you celebrate Christmas specially, like Indonesian style?

Santi: In my family - no - but maybe other families do.

Todd: So what do you normally do for Christmas?

Santi: We go to ... well, as a part of family, we go to the church together and then we celebrate ... well, going out for dinner, and then that's all.

Todd: That's it?

Santi: Yes.

Todd: So, it's not that big of a deal?

Santi: No.

Todd: No Christmas tree?

Santi: No.

Todd: No giving presents?

Santi: No. Even for Christmas tree, my mom always tells that if you want to decorate the tree, you have to - well - clean it up later, so we just like ... yeah, maybe later on.

Todd: You don't want to do it.

Santi: No.

Todd: Wow. OK, that's interesting. So Christmas is very basic and simple?

Santi: Yes.

Todd: Well, actually that's kind of nice. I think a lot of people from other Christian countries would probably prefer that Christmas was that way.

Santi: Really? Well, as a children I expect a present actually from my parents but they don't give me so ... it's OK.

Todd: So, were you bummed when you didn't get a present?

Santi: Yes, sometimes. Well, looking for other friends that they got presents, like, a bunch of presents from their parents or their uncles but, well, me and my sister just don't so ...

Todd: Well, that's OK, though. I mean I think maybe that's even better because maybe that teaches children a lesson, you know. So does that mean you never get presents or gifts or money or anything?

Santi: No, but we have a special celebration for Chinese New Year because we are raised a Chinese family, so we got presents in Chinese New Year's.

Todd: So, you celebrate Chinese New Year more than you do Christmas?

Santi: Yes, that's true.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson



Are there any other major religions in Indonesia?

Here, 'major' means large and well known.  Note the following:

  1. This town does not have any major department stores.
  2. We have all the major fast food restaurants.

that's all


We go out to dinner and that's all.

We add 'that's all'  when we have nothing more to say about something.  Note the following:

  1. Alright class, that's all for today. See you tomorrow.
  2. For lunch that 's all I had: an apple and some water.

not a big deal


It's not that big of a deal.

Something that is not a big deal is not a serious problem.  Note the following:

  1. If you forget to bring your book to class it's not that big of a deal.
  2. It is a big deal if you do not pay your taxes.



Were you bummed when you didn't get a present?

'Bummed' is American slang that means sad or dissapointed.  Note the following:

  1. We were bummed you could not make it to the party.
  2. He was bummed he did not get the promotion.

teach ... a lesson


Christmas without gift giving teaches children a lesson.

We are taught a lesson when someone or some experience teaches us what not to do in the future.  Note the following:

  1. I got sick from eating too much candy. It taught me a lesson.
  2. My mother caught me smoking so she made me smoke the whole pack. It definitely taught me a lesson.

Vocabulary Quiz

major • that's all • a big deal
 bummed • teach her
  1. He was that the movie was sold out.
  2. I'm not angry, just a little frustrated, .
  3. What are some companies in Japan?
  4. Someone needs to a lesson about lying.
  5. It's not for me to give you a ride home.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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