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Foreign Flicks

Goron, Win, and Michael talk about foreign movies and the style of movies they like.

Goron: When I want to look something like more original, I started to watch some Korean movies or Indian movies from Bollywood, which are really interesting. I was fairly surprised. Try it guys because Korean movies are great. Are great.

Michael: Korean movies are good but the ones – the typical thing about Korean movies, they always end bad.

Win: They always end with cancer.

Michael: Whereas Hollywood movies, usually there's always like it has a good ending.

Goron: And actually, Japanese movies do the same thing. The happy ending is not so granted. And probably many people like them for this reason.

Michael: And I would say that even Norwegian movies, they try to, you know, go out from the norm that movies are supposed to end nicely. And that they have like a shocking ending. It's like reading a novel with a shocking ending that you wouldn't expect to happen.

Goron: Because I think some love movies really have a bad effect on the real life because people are trying to have the same relationship that they see on the movies. And then when it's not like – love is not like that. It's not that beautiful. It's not like happy ending all the time. And so they…

Michael: Oh but…

Win: Yeah.

Goron: And then – and they are shocked when their real life – they see that they…

Michael: But not all movies are like that. I mean, even animation movies like you've seen Up, right?

Goron: Well, the plot is like they fall in love, they have like a nice time, and then the problematic moment. You know, they overcome like the difficulties, and then at the end, they live all together. Happy ending.

Win: Well, that's the usual Western discourse of how you produce a movie. But I think nowadays, movie producers are trying to do a lot of different things from the past.

Goron: Yeah, they try but basically…

Michael: It's interesting to say because maybe why we prefer movies to have good endings and why we prefer them to be very harmonic is because maybe we don't want to watch depressing things. We want the movie to give us a good feeling in the aftermath.

Goron: To give us hope.

Michael: Yeah, give us hope, give us like good thoughts. And you know when I watched Up for instance, which is an animation. When I just saw the first part of the movie, it really – I almost cried just watching it. I never cry to an animation film like that before. It was really, really touching.

Goron: Right. I cried to the Lion King. [Laughs]

Michael: When I was younger, I cried to the Lion King.

Goron: No, I still cry when I see that.

Win: I mean it's good to be emotional.

Goron: Oh yeah. When the movie is good, it's good forever.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

granted / take for granted


The happy ending is not so granted.

Things we take for granted, we do not worry about or consider as we should. Notice the following:

  1. We take clean drinking water for granted.
  2. He is a good worker, granted he is always late.

shocking ending


They have a shocking ending.

A shocking ending is very surprising. Notice the following:

  1. The movie had a shocking ending.
  2. All horror movies try to have a shocking ending.

happy ending


It's not like a happy ending all the time.

A happy ending is an ending to a book or movie that makes people happy. Notice the following:

  1. The happy ending was so boring.
  2. All romantic comedies have a happy ending.



They overcome the difficulties.

When you overcome something, you succeed through difficult circumstances. Notice the following:

  1. She overcame being a mother to become CEO.
  2. He overcame his poor childhood to become a rich man.



That's the usual Western discourse of how you produce a movie.

Discourse refers to dialogue or language. Notice the following:

  1. Political discourse is all lies.
  2. Language experts study discourse.



It was really, really touching.

When something is touching, it makes people emotional, usually in a sad or happy way. Notice the following:

  1. Her support was very touching.
  2. His life story was very touching.

Vocabulary Quiz

granted • happy ending • shocking
overcome • discourse • touching
  1. The hero had to many difficulties.
  2. The movie was . It made cry.
  3. For me, is more important than action.
  4. With movies, we take technology for .
  5. All kid's movies have a .
  6. The ending was . I was surprised.

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