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Burger Barn

Listen to two people order food at Burger Barn. What do they order? Does it sound good?

Order #1

Clerk: Hello, welcome to Burger Barn. Can I take your order?

Woman: Oh, hi there. I think I'll have the taco and the fries and a soda, please.

Clerk: Okay, you want the tacos, the fries, and the soda?

Woman: Yes, please.

Clerk: Okay, did you want that in a can or in a cup?

Woman: Cup please.

Clerk: Oh, you know what, I'm sorry, we're out of tacos today. How about a hot dog or maybe some chicken. Would that be alright?

Woman: Yeah. I think I'll go for the chicken please.

Clerk: Okay, do you want crispy or baked?

Woman: Crispy, please.

Clerk: Crispy, alright. Did you want breast meat or did you want leg meat?

Woman: Ah, breast meat please.

Clerk: Okay, so you can go ahead and drive through to the end. Your total is going to be 5.36.

Woman: Okay, thank you.

Clerk: And I'm sorry, are you going to be paying by cash or by debit card?

Woman: Cash, please.

Clerk: Okay, thank you.

Woman: Thank you very much.

Clerk: Would you like anything for desert? Doughnut? Ice cream?

Woman: What flavor of ice cream have you got?

Clerk: We've got chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream and rainbow sherbet.

Woman: I think I'll try the rainbow sherbet today, please.

Clerk: OK, would you like that in a cone or a cup?

Woman: Cup please.

Clerk: Okay. So your total will be 7.55 at the window.

Woman: Okay, thank you very much.

Order #2

Clerk: Hello, welcome to Burger Barn. Can I help you?

Man: Hi, I'm picking up a large order today, so can I grab a pizza and a few burgers, maybe some onion rings and some Cokes.

Clerk: Okay, I'm sorry. Can you slow that down. So you want just one pizza?

Man: Yes, please.

Clerk: Okay, and how many burgers did you say?

Man: Maybe three. Three should work. Yes.

Clerk: Okay, and you just want a normal regular Burger Barn burger?

Man: Yes, a normal regular burger—maybe make that extra, extra pickles.

Clerk: You want the Big Barn burger?

Man: Big Barn burger sounds great, thank you, mate.

Clerk: You want three Big Barn burgers?

Man: Three Big Barn burgers will be wonderful.

Clerk: Okay, and I'm sorry. So I've got the pizza and the Big Barn burgers. Did you want something else?

Man: Yeah, can I grab three onion rings and three Cokes?

Clerk: Three onion rings and three Cokes. Now the Cokes, did you want those in the cup or in the can?

Man: Can I grab them in cups, please?

Clerk: You want those in cups. So you want straws with those?

Man: Yes, please.

Clerk: Okay, so just to repeat your order, you've got one medium pizza, three big Burger Barn burgers, Big Barn burgers, three cans of Coke, and some onion rings.

Man: No, can I make that a large pizza and three cups of Coke please.

Clerk: Oh, I'm sorry. Three cups of Coke.

Man: Yes.

Clerk: Okay, great. And a large pizza.

Man: Yes, a large pizza.

Clerk: Okay, great. Alright, your total will be 18.55 at the window.

Man: Excellent.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

out of


I'm sorry, we're out of tacos today.

When you are out of something, you do not have it in supply. Notice the following:

  1. We are out of milk. We need to buy some.
  2. The cafe is out of coffee. Can you believe it?



Do you want crispy or baked?

Crispy chicken means it is dry and crisp on the outside. Notice the following:

  1. I love crispy chicken.
  2. This pizza is crispy on top.

breast meat


Did you want breast meat or did you want leg meat?

Breast meat is meat from the chest area of a chicken. Notice the following:

  1. This chicken breast is very juicy and tender.
  2. Would you like a leg or chicken breast?



I'll try the rainbow sherbet today.

Sherbet is a sweet, fruity flavor for desserts or drinks. Notice the following:

  1. I love orange sherbet.
  2. Would you like some raspberry sherbet?

--- should work


Three should work. Yes.

When we say something should work, we mean it will suffice or meet what is needed. Notice the following:

  1. I have two bags for my trip. That should work.
  2. We have two days to finish. That should work.



Can I grab three onion rings and three Cokes?

Here, grab just means get. Notice the following:

  1. Can you grab me a juice please?
  2. Grab yourself some food and join us.

Vocabulary Quiz

Use the words below to complete the sentences.

out of • crispy • breast
sherbet • should • grab
  1. This chicken looks delicious.
  2. This chicken breast is too .
  3. We are dish soap. I will buy some.
  4. This option work.
  5. I love to eat rainbow in a cone.
  6. Please a chair and join us.

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