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Eating Habits

Daniel and Hana discuss what they like to have for dinner and how they get their food.

Daniel: So Hana, tell me, do you cook much?

Hana: Yes, I always cook. I often cook with my roommate, and we always make Chinese of Japanese food. How about you?

Daniel: Well, I don’t really cook that often. I’m really busy during the week. So, I always just get something at the shop and get that. But, during the weekends, I always cook during the weekends because I really like making food. That’s what I do.

Hana: So, do you ever eat out?

Daniel: Only occasionally, because I’m really busy during the week, and I prefer cooking, so not really often. I don’t go out really often to eat. Whenever I’m tired, and I don’t have time to cook during the week, I go and eat out with a friend, so! And you?

Hana: Well, I always , so I normally go and eat out during the weekend with my friends or family.

Daniel: So do you ever buy take-away?

Hana: No, I never. Normally when I go out to eat, I like to sit and enjoy my food. How about you?

Daniel: Well, that's really nice. Of course, I do like to sit and enjoy my food, but I have to admit that occasionally I have to buy take-away, especially when I'm coming late from work, and I'm driving. I'm so hungry that, most of the time, I don't really make it home, so I have to buy something on my way, and that's a shame, so that's the way it is.

And do you usually have people over for dinner?

Hana: Yes, I sometimes do. I really like cooking so occasionally I invite my friends over and cook for them or we all cook together. How about you?

Daniel: Not really. I do love cooking, but the problem is my place is really small, so even though I want to invite my friends. I never do it, because my place would only fit one or two people. So unfortunately, I never have my friends over for dinner.


Adverbs of Frequency - Grammar Notes

Point 1: We use adverbs of frequency to show how often we do something.
  1. I always have coffee in the morning.
  2. I usually eat dinner at home.
  3. I sometimes eat a restaurants.
  4. I never drink alcohol.
Point 2: Adverbs of time and relative strength.
  1. Always (100%)
  2. Almost always
  3. Usually
  4. Often
  5. Sometimes
  6. Hardly ever / Rarely
  7. Almost never
  8. Never (0%)
Point 3: Adverbs of time can be used immediately in front of the verb.
  1. Thomas almost always paints in the evening.
  2. She usually gets to work early.
  3. We hardly ever rent movies.
  4. I never stay out late.
Point 4: Sometimes, usually and often can go before the subject or at the end of the verb phrase.
  1. Usually, I read before bed.
  2. I read before bed usually.
  3. Often I go there.
  4. I go there often.
  5. Sometimes, I play tennis at night.
  6. I play tennis at night sometimes.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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